About Dr. Couch

Dr. Couch and his beautiful family.

Dr. Couch and his beautiful family.

I was raised in Manchester, KY by my parents Greg and Nadine. I lived there until my graduation from Clay County High School in 2003, when I moved to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky for my undergraduate studies.

I graduated from UK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2007 and began my tenure at UK College of Dentistry in the fall. I Graduated from UK College of Dentistry in 2011 and completed a one year General Practice Residency at the University of Kentucky.

My training in residency focused on providing dental care in a hospital setting, including the management of medically, mentally, or physically complex patients, training in IV moderate sedation, and advanced oral surgery training including dental implantology. My residency also provided me with more confidence and experience in performing routine dental procedures. Since graduating dental school, I have directed my continuing education focus towards advancing technologies and dental implant placement. These advances allow me to limit the amount of appointments necessary to complete your care, while maintaining the quality that I demand and you deserve. Providing dental implant placement in our office has helped to keep this wonderful treatment alternative viable for more and more of our beloved patients.

I am married to Hannah Couch, and together we have two children, Josephine and Harrison.  I look forward to meeting you, and would consider it a privilege to be involved in your family’s care.

-Andrew G. Couch, DMD